Choosing a Color for a Front Door

The idea that the front door of your home can represent the beauty and warmth of your home's ambiance can be an uncommon one. But, if you are considering a new look for your home, and if you can’t afford the expense of a new door, then perhaps a simple coat of paint will give your home the look you were hoping for—providing you choose the right color. The following tips will aid you in choosing a paint color that will be a delight for you, for your visitors, and for your neighbors.

Match Door Color with other Home Colors

To begin with, Try to envision your door and its potential curb appeal when painted with different choices of colors. Look at it from the street. Consider how it might look from the point of view of passers-by, of your neighbors, and of your visitors. Does it compliment the color of your house exterior? Does it complement other features of your home, such as window shades, shutters, and siding and roof color?

Consider Style

Perhaps your personal style preference lends itself to a door with a more modern look. Or, do you prefer a more traditional door color or one that presents a more rustic or Victorian look? It’s important that as well as being concerned about how others may like your door color, it is equally important for you to consider the style that best suits your own personal tastes.

Consider the Overall Color Scheme of Your Home

If you think you would prefer a natural stain for your door, but the shutters and siding of your home are all painted a bright yellow, the stain may not be the right style for you. If you cannot stain your door, perhaps you should consider a warmer, brown tone. Consider, also whether you prefer a color that will bring attention to your front door, or whether you prefer to highlight a different feature of your home, such as its landscaping.

Use Paint Chips

When deciding upon a color scheme, prepare a list of all the colors that you find acceptable or that would better complement your home. Take your list to your local paint or hardware store and secure some paint chips in the colors you have listed. Maybe you will even discover a color or tone you had not previously considered. Remember, color when seen in the store's light may look entirely different against the backdrop of your house and yard.

Select Your Paint

Take the paint chips you have brought home and match them up with colors outside the home, such as colors of your home’s exterior, the shutters, shrubbery, flowers, lawn ornaments, fence, etc. Any of these outdoor colors may have an important impact on the color you eventually choose for your door. You may even want to consider the characteristics of your neighborhood. Is it more conservative? More colorful? More neoclassic?

Combining all these factors in your decision may give you the exact idea you had been looking for in choosing a color for your door. Or, it could be something entirely different.