Choosing a Roach Killer for Your Roach Problem

Dead cockroach
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Cockroaches are notorious for transmitting disease and bacteria that causes food poisoning. In addition, cockroaches' allergens can cause acute asthma in some people. Cockroaches prefer to live in cracks and secluded areas close to food and moisture.

1. Fumigators and Traps

The basic method that most homeowners use to eliminate cockroaches is a simple Raid trap. The traps are effective and they can be purchased at most grocery stores. The key to roach control is proper placement of the bait. Bait trays should be located in areas where cockroaches are seen, especially in the kitchens or bathroom.

Do not place bait traps in exposed areas because they will be less effective. Bait stations should be placed flush with wall corners since cockroaches hug the walls when they scamper across the floor. For best results, place a minimum of twelve bait stations, ten in the kitchen and two in the bathroom. Do not spray or use cleaning agents around the bait stations as this may reduce their effectiveness. Unfortunately, traps are only partially effective because they don’t get to the root of the problem–the nest.

Another option is Raid Fumigator which releases a fog that flushes roaches out from where they hide and kills them on contact. When activated, Raid Fumigator will fumigate an entire room. The only drawback is the fog does not neutralize eggs. Remember to read the product instructions prior to use.

2. Roach Baits


Roach baits are effective products in controlling a roach population. Roach baits contain a slow acting insecticide incorporated within it. Roaches feed on the bait or gel and crawl back to their nest. Bait carried back to the nest will kill other roaches after it is expelled in the sputum and fences. Cockroach baits and gels require no mixing and they have no odor when applied.

3. Types of Roach Baits

Maxforce Roach Bait Gel is one of the best insecticide products on the market. It is available in a syringe, making it easy to apply. The gel allows you to place it within cracks where you suspect roaches. The roach takes the gel back, allowing other roaches to feed and eventually eliminates the nest. To make roaches eat Maxforce faster, spray the area with Flea Fix IGR, Gentrol and Gentrol Point.

4. Dusting

Use Delta Dust in areas where spraying is difficult or hard to reach. Products such as Delta Dust enable you to apply the product where the roaches hide but where humans and pets are least likely to come into contact. The dust can be used in attics or crawl spaces.

5. Outside Spraying


Cynoff or Demon WP are excellent sprays to use outside the house. Spray a six foot swath around the perimeter of the house and one foot up the walls. You should also apply the pesticide around windows, doors and vents.