Choosing a Shower Drain Cover for Your Bathroom

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A shower drain cover is necessary for any shower with an open drain. The shower drain cover is used to block materials from getting into the shower drain and eventually clogging it. Choosing a shower drain cover should be based on the type of shower that you have and the type of drain that will be covered. There are pros and cons associated with the different types of shower drain covers, but for this discussion choosing a shower drain cover really only comes down to your style and preferences.

Types of Shower Drain Covers

Shower drain covers come in different styles and types. They can be as inexpensive as the plastic shower drain covers that can be found for around $5 to more expensive gold and silver plated shower drain covers costing up to $50. The more exotic the material, the more expensive the shower drain cover will be. The advantage of purchasing a plastic or lower end shower drain cover is the cost. The con is the lack of durability of these types of shower drain covers in comparison with more expensive covers.

Determining the Best Shower Drain Cover for Your Shower

To determine the best shower drain cover for your bathroom, look at the style of the room and make a choice as to the type of shower drain cover that best fits that style. Cost is a factor to take into consideration, but aesthetics and looks are just as important to consider. Depending on the type of bathroom, you may consider a shower drain cover like a gold or copper one for a guest bathroom, whereas a plastic shower drain cover may be more than appropriate for a kids room.

Installation Considerations and Size

Consider how the shower drain cover is going to be installed. Most shower drain covers are installed using a wrench, while the jackrabbit shower drain cover is installed using a screwdriver to lock the cover in place. Ease of installation is certainly a consideration when deciding on the appropriate type of shower drain cover. Size is another factor. Most shower drain covers come at a standard 4.25-inches in outer diameter and up to 3.5-inches in prong-to-prong diameter.

These are just some of the considerations when you are looking to choose a shower drain cover for your shower and bathroom. The best way to decide among the choices that are available is to go to a plumbing supply or kitchen and bath store and look at the various samples on display.