Choosing a Shower Liner for Your Bathroom


If you are in the market for a new shower liner, you will be pleased to know that there are many styles and sizes from which to choose. Picking the right shower liner for your bathroom is an important choice. It adds many aspects to the design of your bathroom.

Check Your Measurements

There are many sizes and types of shower curtain liners that you can purchase today. Before you visit a store for one, it is a good idea that you do some measuring. First measure the length of your tub. Liners are usually 72x72-inches. You can also can get liners that are extra long and extra wide. If you have a custom made tub, you might need to either cut the bottom of the liner or order one that is custom made for your tub.

Shower Curtain Materials

You must also decide how to use the shower curtain liner. It can be used alone or used with the shower curtain itself. They are typically made from either vinyl or fabric. Using the liner by itself or combined with the shower curtain will protect the bathroom from water damage.

Vinyl shower curtains liner are made from strong material, which stops water from leaking. On the other hand, a shower curtain liner that is made out of light weight fabric can be washed in the laundry machine with like colors.

Shower Curtain Colors

Choosing the color of the shower curtain liner is easy. When the actual shower curtain hangs outside of the tub it is good to match the color of the shower curtain liner to the shower curtain. If your bathroom is small, you should choose light colors. If the bathroom if large, you could buy a dark and bright colored shower curtain liner. A clear plastic liner works for many bathrooms.

Mold and Mildew Resistance

Choose a liner that is mildew and bacteria resistant so that it will stay clean between washings.

Magnetic Bottoms

Some shower curtain liners come with a magnetic bottom to keep the liner from moving while taking your bath or shower. Liners also come with holes that are reinforced so they withstand wear and tear better. Do not put this type of liner in the washing machine. You can hand wash them.