Choosing a Snow Shovel Vs Snowblower

If you live in a location that experiences heavy snow in the winter, you will likely spend some time outside with a snow shovel. In many cases, a quality snow shovel is sufficient to clear all of the snow out of your lawn and driveway. However, if you have a large area to cover, or if the snowfall is particularly heavy, a snowblower can help to save time and clear out large areas of snow. Furthermore, a snowblower is much easier to operate and does not require the same energy and strength as a simpler shovel.

Determining If a Snowblower is Right for You

To determine whether a snowblower will be a reasonable expense, research the average yearly snowfall in your area. Consult with neighbors or other locals to see what their snow clearing needs are each winter. Unless you anticipate several feet of snow in a limited area, or moderate to heavy snow in a large space, a snowblower may end up costing you more than it is worth. Be aware, however, that there are a variety of makes of snowblowers for different snow levels and size requirements.

A snow shovel is helpful in clearing out snow in small or awkward locations, even if you also use a snowblower to clear snow out of larger areas. Most people find that a snow shovel is a helpful tool, regardless of whether they also have a snowblower.