Choosing a Sturdy Yet Stylish Patio Umbrella Base

Choosing the correct patio umbrella base can provide safety and prevent damage. On windy days, you don’t want your umbrella to become a flying object. A patio umbrella base can also be functional and stylish. 

Purchasing the Right Patio Umbrella Base
Before choosing a style, you need to make sure your umbrella base is the right weight to hold the umbrella. The weight for a patio umbrella base (for a table umbrella) is typically 20 to 45 pounds. Base weights for a freestanding umbrella are 50 lb. or more. A base for a freestanding umbrella comes with a longer sleeve in order to fit the umbrella pole. Some umbrella bases also provide a locking mechanism or thumb screws to secure the pole into the sleeve. 

Examples of Patio Umbrella Base Weights
If you have a 6 to 7 ½ foot umbrella that fits through a table, you will need a 30 lb. patio umbrella base. For a freestanding umbrella that is 6 -7 ½ feet, you want a 50 lb. base. Any freestanding umbrellas 8 to 11 feet must have a base that is at least 75 lb. 

Average pole diameters for the sleeves of umbrella bases are 1 ¾ to 2 ½ inches. Common diameters for umbrella bases are 13 to 28 inches. 

Patio Umbrella Base Styles
You can find all kinds of base styles to accent your outdoor furniture décor. Patio umbrella base materials are found in:

  • cast iron
  • fiberglass concrete
  • granite
  • steel
  • resin
  • wicker

Cast Iron Patio Umbrella Base
Perhaps the most traditional look is cast iron. It comes in beautiful swirls and sunburst designs. A powder-coated finish in black or antique bronze lend these heavy bases a classic quality. They do rust in high humidity environments and are costly compared to other types of bases. 

Fiberglass Patio Umbrella Base
There is no rusting or cracking with fiberglass bases. They are durable and weather resistant. To ensure stability, fill the bases of smaller umbrellas with sand and the bases of larger umbrellas with concrete. When used with concrete, bases can have weights of 90, 125 or 175 lb. The colors available are black, white, bronze. Also, comes in simulated teak. 

Concrete and Granite Patio Umbrella Base
Concrete and granite umbrella bases are a stylish, modern option. They hold up to the weather and contribute a heavy sturdy base for your umbrella. Both the concrete and granite bases have stainless steel pole sleeves, so there is no worry about rusting. Concrete bases allow water drainage. The concrete base comes in a variety of colors such as white, stone, green, and black. The granite is polished. 

Steel Patio Umbrella Base
Steel patio umbrella bases have a simple low profile design. The sleek look makes it a good choice to use with any type of patio table. 

Resin Patio Umbrella Base
Molded resin is easy to keep clean, and it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Resin doesn’t chip or crack. It can be filled with sand for added weight. Some bases come with rollers to allow you to adjust them to the changing direction of the sun. Color choices are black, white, green, beige, or bronze.