Choosing Ceiling Paint Color Combinations

choosing paint colors for a ceiling
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The color you choose to paint your ceiling is very important. It can enhance a room and make it seem larger or pull it together to give the feeling of the room being cozier.

Lighter Colors

As the ceiling is generally seen in shadow, if you want it to appear the same color as the walls, choose a slightly lighter shade for the ceiling or mix a little white paint in before painting. When choosing a ceiling paint color to complement the walls. A light ceiling color reflects light, making the room seem larger.

Darker Colors

Darker colors give the impression of a lower ceiling and a smaller room. In most cases, this is something to avoid, although there might be instances where it’s desirable. Even where the ceiling paint color is darker it should only be slightly darker-the shadowing will make it seem even darker.


When using a contrast between wall and ceiling paint colors, the room will feel higher and lighter by using a pale ceiling color. The paler the ceiling paint color, the larger the room will seem. This is especially useful in rooms where there is little natural light.