Choosing Patio Door Security Hardware

When it comes to patio door security, there is very little room for cutting corners. The patio door is one of the most vulnerable points of entry for home break-ins, so it makes sense to insure your peace of mind by choosing the right type of hardware to protect you and your loved ones and there are two widely preferred methods for strengthening the security of your patio door; security bars and additional door locks.

Some Decorative Bars Have Alarms

Security bars have evolved from the old sawed off broomstick or the 2x4 plank wedged in the door track that homeowners have relied on for years. Now there are more reliable and sturdier options available utilizing this very basic premise of a simple door-stop. Now there are steel decorative variations on this theme, which can even be installed as a permanent fixture to the patio door. For those who want added security, some of these decorative bars come equipped with pre-installed alarms which can either enhance existing home security systems or provide further piece of mind for those who do not have such protection.

Secondary Locks

The second method of added patio door security is the installation of secondary locks. Many different varieties exist in the marketplace, from a standard deadbolt to more high-tech options such as keyless remotes. While aesthetic is an important factor when making any additions to your home, safety obviously comes first so choosing the best option with backup locks doesn’t always necessarily fall into line with your home’s design.

Glass Can Leave an Opening

Since most patio doors are made of glass, their vulnerability is still a primary concern, no matter how many locks and bars you may install. If a burglar wants to get into your home, the glass on that door can easily be broken. Many homeowners who take this into account will sometimes install security bars over their glass doors so that in the event of shattered glass, there is still no accessibility into the home. There are also varying strengths of glass available to homeowners, and while these can become expensive options, it is up to the consumer to decide what types of safety precautions to implement and whether these expenditures are necessary.

Of course, patio door security doesn’t always pertain to intruders. Some parts of the country are prone to extreme weather; therefore custom storm screen doors made of fiberglass can be installed for added protection from heavy winds and rains that could take their toll on some patio doors. Screens will minimize the damage sustained inside the house even as your patio takes a beating from Mother Nature.