Choosing Products to Remove Shower Mold in Your Bathroom

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One of the busiest places in any home is surely the shower. Morning, noon, and night, it is utilized by everyone in the house. As a result, shower mold can rear its ugly head. It will eventually need to be addressed.

Shower mold usually grows in corners, cracks, and under caulking. It can also be found around the shower door of enclosed showers, as well as on tiles and shower knobs and hardware. Mold usually grows in high humidity areas like a bathroom.

Luckily, there are a number of products on the market to keep mold from growing and to eliminate it once it is already present. Many are available at home improvement and hardware stores. Even grocery stores carry these cleaning agents.

Patch Test First

Depending on the type of material from which your shower is made, test a small area before cleaning the entire shower. For example, if your shower is made from marble or stone, you should not apply vinegar, as it will eat away and stain the marble. Check with the manufacturer of the shower for advice and tips before cleaning it yourself.

Chemical Solutions

cleaning mold

Home improvement stores and grocery stores sell cleaning agents that remove mold with bleach and other harsh chemicals. While they kill mold on the spot, they also introduce strong vapors. If you use anything with harsh chemicals and bleach, be sure you cover your mouth, wear gloves, and leave a window or bathroom fan running. Close the doors and place a towel under the door so fumes don't escape into the rest of the home.

Natural Ingredients

The same stores that sell chemical-based cleaning agents to remove mold also have some natural choices too. Some companies make cleaning agents to kill mold with ingredients like lemon or orange oils. The acid in these agents can work wonders.

Try Powders

Borax is said to be a great way to remove mold. Mix with equal parts of water and apply it to the molded area to kill the growth.

Use a Steamer

Wet shower tiles

Another option to get rid of mold is to use a hand-steamer appliance that sprays hot, condensed steam to melt the mold. They can be bought at home specialty stores for $50 and up.

Create Your Own

If you would prefer making your own cleaning agents to get rid of mold, distilled white vinegar is a popular choice. It can be poured directly onto the moldy area and left overnight. The next day, rinse the area with cold water. Mix equal parts of distilled white vinegar with water and spray the solution on the area. It may take longer than pouring vinegar directly on the mold. Depending on the degree and age of the mold, spraying vinegar and water on the area might also take more than one application.