Choosing the Best Color Paint for Your Wood Trim

The wood trim in your home is often found around windows, doors, the ceiling and the baseboards. Wood trim usually comes in natural wood grain, but sometimes it is already painted a stark white. Natural wood and white wood trim may go with most any design, but they are also fairly plain and boring. If you wish to add color to your home, to accent a wall or window, or just change it up a bit, then painting wood trim is a good idea. The information in this article will help you to see what you need to consider to pick the perfect paint color for your wood trim.

Consider the Surrounding Colors

The type and color of paint you use hinges significantly on the main color of the room. Using a color that is more shiny than the main color will create a sense of unevenness. It will also draw your eyes directly to the wood trim, which is often neglected during cleaning. Using a semi-gloss paint color with a wall that is also painted with semi-gloss will add to the continuity of color. A muted paint style, such as flat paint on wood trim while the main color is a satin or gloss, will accent the wall instead of drawing unnecessary attention. Choose a paint color for the wood trim that is either a shade darker or a shade lighter, depending on your intention.

Height and Depth

If you live in a small home you want to give the feeling of a taller ceiling and larger rooms. Large homes often serve better to reduce length and depth of rooms so they appear manageable. This all can be done with the paint color you choose and the accent points. Painting a wall a dark color can give a room a closed off feeling, but can add height. This sense can be added to with a wood trim that is painted a shade lighter, which will draw attention to the ceiling, adding height. The reverse applies when you want a room to feel smaller or less bulky.

Your Taste

It's your home and your taste has to be considered, regardless of what others may think. If you are painting a child’s bedroom you are probably not worrying about the wood trim and if the color is going to make the wall look larger. If you want to be trendy, up with the times or planning to sell, painting the walls and wood trim with neutrality and size in mind is important.

Matte vs. Gloss

Many homeowners like the idea of gloss paint because it looks refined, whereas matte paint seems dull. Gloss paint is prone to getting dirty much faster, which makes matte paint more ideal for the busy homeowner.