Choosing The Best Hose Reel Cart

Your hose reel cart can make performing minor and major jobs faster and easier. The cart can help you maintain an organized work area and keep the necessary tools close at hand. Before you pick up a reel cat, take the time to know what you are purchasing and make sure that it will be suitable for the tasks you have in mind.

Types of Hose Reel Carts

A hose reel cart may have a manual reel system, or it can be equipped with an automatic winder. Additionally, hose reels can be purchased for air or water applications or even in combination models that have connectors and reels for both types of hoses.

Light Versus Heavy Duty Carts

Remember that your air hose reel is going to be a focal point for working. Buying a reel cart that is not made to handle heavy use could result in the cart becoming unusable and may even increase the chance of dangerous situations developing. Choose a cart that is strudy and large enough for all of your frequently used tools.