Choosing the Best Paint Brush for Oil-Based Paint

How do you decide which is the best paint brush to use for a specific project? You might think that all brushes are created equal, and that all work the same way. However, some brushes work better with oil-based paints than others. Read on to learn more about various brushes to ensure you end up with a good finish on your paintwork.

Brush Types

You can normally tell whether a paint brush is made from real material or synthetic materials simply by the feel of the bristles. When you pick up a paint brush at your local DIY store, flick the bristles and see how soft they feel. Note if any already loose bristles start to come out as you examine the brush. Avoid any brush with bristles protruding from the tips of the brush as this is not suitable for oil-based paint.

Natural Bristle

Natural or real bristle paint brushes consist of real animal hair. Pig hair is thought to be one of the best because they are versatile and can be used at varying stages of a painting process. Natural bristle brushes are much less likely to lose their integrity and their bristles. They hold paint better because they have a stronger, rust resistant ferrule and a good reservoir for better paint application.

Real bristle will be soft but sturdy and these types of paint brushes are highly suitable for cutting in. They have thick strong bristles which help produce a straight line when you paint. They do not collapse or splay out when you paint and they hold more paint in them. These types of quality paint brush are usually made from black China bristle and are very well suited to oil painted surfaces.

Cheap and Cheerful

You might think that saving a few dollars on paint brushes will save you money on your project, but you could find that it might cost you more. Synthetic brushes are not classed as superior quality and they are much more prone to loose bristles. As you paint you will probably begin seeing the odd bristle come sliding out of the brush, so you will pick it off and then continue painting. Moments later, you will be picking off another one and it will result in a process which is more like boning a fish. It is very frustrating and it will ruin the finish of the paint, so for a few extra dollars, it is better to put quality first.

Brush Care

Caring for your brushes and maintaining them correctly with give longevity to them. This means that further down the line, when you want to use those brushes on another project, you will be able to return to them and they will still look and feel relatively new. Always maintain brushes properly and clean then in the correct and appropriate solution designed specifically for that type of brush.