Choosing The Best Stair Runner Carpet

Use a stair runner carpet to protect the surface of your stairs and for decorative purposes. A runner carpet looks especially great on a wooded staircase, but you must choose the right one. Here are a few tips to help you decide which runner is right for you.

Match to Room Decor

Consider the colors and style of your home before selecting a stair runner carpet. Keep in mind that the stairs are visible both at the base and at the upper landing. If necessary, stick to neutral colors to complement the looks of both upper and lower rooms.

Width of Runner Matches Stairs

There is a wide variety of different sizes and widths of stair carpet runners. If your stairs are 32 inches across, for example, then you have two options. You can choose a runner that is half that width and sits in the center, or one that is 28 to 30 inches wide. The latter type will cover most of the stairs.

Thickness and Padding

The rise and run of your stairs will also have a part to play in the runner you choose. Some stair carpet runners have padding underneath for a softer feel. The thicker this is, the smaller the rise of each step. If it is easier to keep the standard rise and run of your stairs, choose a runner with little backing or padding.