Choosing the Best Walls in Your Home to Give a Matte Finish

Choosing the best walls to paint with a matte finish coat of paint needs much thought and consideration. There are countless types of paint available to accomplish this and the choice of wall paint depends on the room you are painting. Choosing matte paint for a room depends on the existing paint, if any, and the effect you wish to achieve.

Different Rooms

Some rooms are better suited to receive a coat of matte paint than others. Bathrooms, toilet rooms or kitchens are not especially suited to a paint that has very limited wall protection. Bathrooms and kitchens are better receiving a coat of eggshell, semi-gloss, silk or vinyl paint which offers a smoother coating and is much easier for wiping and cleaning. Matte finish paint offers a flat appearance to the wall and does not reflect light. If you want to have a very reflective surface in a room, choosing matte paint is not the answer.

Heavy Traffic

Heavy traffic rooms like the lounge, dining room and hallway are not at all suitable for matte finish paint either because matte paint  can scuff and mark very easily. It is not easily washable and if you do need to clean scuff marks from it, you have to be especially delicate. One good point about matte finish paints, however, is that because they are non-reflective, they are excellent for camouflaging discrepancies either on or underneath a wall surface.

Use of the Rooms

Bedrooms are probably the most suitable interior room in a home to use a matte finish paint in. Bedroom traffic is very light compared to the rest of the house and it is more able to withstand the rogors of a bedroom than any other room in the home. Children’s bedrooms, however, are not ideal. Children are very hard on walls and surfaces. They scuff, scratch and rub against walls and make marks without even trying. A high level of protective paint is strongly advised in the room of child.


Matte finish paint is actually idea for ceilings. Ceilings tend to have quite a few blemishes and surface marks so matte finish paint is perfect for hiding them. Because of its very make up and appearance, matte paint is highly vulnerable as a wall covering but it is perfectly suited to ceilings. The non-reflective aspect is, once again, very useful. Also, the fact that it is so delicate but will very rarely get touched or covered when used on a ceiling makes it a natural choice.


Matte finish paints come in many colors and choosing a suitable paint for the right room can also involve a little thought. If you are intending to paint a ceiling, white is usually the color of choice. However, other light colors like dove grey can also be used. For walls, darker paint would be a better choice because it would be more likely to hide minor scuff marks, whereas lighter paint would show them immediately.