Choosing the Right Bluetooth Car Kit For Your Vehicle

When selecting your Bluetooth car kit, you want to get the one that will best suit your needs. There are several special features and advantages out there, but you must determine which one is best for you.

Step 1 – Your Vehicle

The size of your console might not be suitable for the mounted screen in the Bluetooth car kit. Measure your console and radio. Also, observe the placement of your air vents. Make sure you have room in the dash to accommodate the equipment you want to install. When choosing your Bluetooth system, take your measurements along so you know what will fit in your car.

Step 2 – Your Wiring

A brand new Bluetooth kit will not fix faulty wiring. All wires that are in relation to the radio must be in working condition. Replace wires that are worn or broken.

Step 3 – The Kit

Some kits are basic, and some have more advanced features. Items such as a phone cradle and external antenna are basic things that will allow you to enjoy a Bluetooth car kit. Some even come with a radio mute feature that is very convenient. Although having a Bluetooth screen allows you to access everything you do not have to have the screen in order to be hands free.