Choosing the Right Chainsaw Chain for the Job


Sometimes choosing the right chainsaw chain for the job is dependent upon what the wood is and where you use the tool. Chainsaws are invaluable tools that can easily fell a tree as well as help prune branches. There are basically two types of chainsaw chains--a chipper chain and a chisel chain.


The chipper chain for a chainsaw has a curved working corner. Chipper chains remain sharper due to the curved blade edge. Chipper chains are best suited for work areas where the chainsaw is exposed to a lot of dust and dirt such as at a home construction site.


Chisel chainsaw chains have an angled working corner that needs much more sharpening than a chipper type. Chisel types are better suited for cutting down trees and logs. The corner of the cutting tooth does most of its work cutting across the grain of the wood. The top angle of the cutter tooth lifts the wood chip out like a chisel would.

Chain References

Other considerations choosing a chainsaw chain are the pitch of the chain, its gauge and the number of chain links needed to fit the size of the cutting bar.

If a chain includes a small cutter with a rounded corner between either a chipper or chisel tooth, it is called a “semi-” or “micro-” chipper or chisel chain.