Choosing the Right Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing a full face motorcycle helmet while riding a motorcycle substantially decrease your chances of suffering a head injury in the event that you meet with an accident. Most of the fatalities in motorcycle accidents happen due to some form of brain damage that is irreparable. Hence, wearing a motorcycle helmet whenever you go out for a ride on your bike is the single best thing that you can do to protect yourself.

To add to your protection, you can further wear other safety gears such as long leather pants, leather jacket, riding boots and gloves. This gear will prevent painful abrasions on various parts of your body in the event of a road crash. However, you cannot just wear any motorcycle helmet to keep yourself safe. You need to consider some things in order to provide yourself with the best protection.

DOT Certification

Helmets that were proven to be safe by a Department of Transportation, or DOT, have a certification attached to them. There are various facilities across the country that conducts tests on all the motorcycle helmets that are being sold on the market. One of the most critical among these tests is the drop test. It determines whether a particular helmet is really good at protecting your skull against hard impacts that are common in road accidents. The findings of these facilities are used by the DOT to determine what helmets are safe on the market. There are helmet designs without a DOT approval that can be bought everywhere but if you are really concerned about your safety, stay away from them.

Helmet Retention

Helmet retention is the ability of a particular helmet to stay in your head in the event of a road collision or crash. It is an essential factor in keeping you safe in an accident. If it comes off your head in a crash, it will not serve its purpose no matter how tough it is. To check whether your helmet will stay in your head or not, secure the chin strap and try to roll it off your head. If it can be removed easily, it will not stay on your head in an accident.

Helmet Size and Comfort

When you purchase your motorcycle helmet, always try it on for comfort and size. A good fit is a helmet that will fit snugly around your head. It should also fit snugly on your jaw and cheekbones without squeezing. Every kind of helmet has a different fit so if you try one and it does not fit your head snugly, do not be discouraged and try another. A proper fit is important in helmet retention. If it is too loose, it will come off easily. If it is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and you will not be inclined to use it every time you ride your bike.

You can also try fitting several helmets to find a perfect fit. But while you are doing it, always make it a point to take your selections from helmets that have been certified by the Department of Transportation.