Choosing the Right Putty to Fill a Nail Hole

When undertaking any wood working project it’s always important to properly fill each nail hole for the best looking finish. But selecting the right putty is not necessarily as simple as one might think. Selecting the right one depends on a number of factors such as the type of wood and type of finish.

Stained Finish

Any woodworking project that you intend to use a stained finish will required a special putty to fill the nail hole. For these projects the most popular woods are often oak, maple and other hardwoods with exceptional grains. When choosing the right type you’ll want to make sure the putty can be sanded as well as stained. There are even special wood putties that are manufactured for specific types of hardwoods such as oak, cherry, mahogany or maple.

Painted Finish

Woodworking projects that are to have a painted finish require a different type of putty to properly fill the nail hole. In these cases the type of wood is usually of a lesser grade, such as pine. For these instances you can use a paintable putty that can be used on either drywall or wood. This type requires less sanding to apply and will not show through the primer coat of paint.