Choosing the Right Tension for Your Garage Door Springs

If you have torsion spring garage door springs, you have the option to adjust them to your liking. If your garage door is too difficult to open, you can loosen the springs, and alternately tighten them if the door is too loose. Adjusting the torsion springs is a dangerous job and only the most experienced do it yourselfer should attempt it. Always wear gloves and eye protection when attempting this repair.

Plan Ahead

If you are planning on adjusting your torsion spring garage doors, you need to purchase a rod beforehand. There is an adjustment collar at the end of the spring, this adjustment collar has several holes along it's edge. You need to purchase a rod that is the right diameter to fit inside one of these holes. The rod should be made of steel and be 2 feet long in length. This rod is important because it will keep the spring in place as you adjust the tension. Once you have purchased the rod and want to begin on the springs, make sure that all of your tools are inside the garage with you since you will not be able to use the door until you are finished.

Adjusting the Springs

Once you have located the adjustment collar holes and inserted the rod, you can adjust the tension using the set screw located on the adjustment collar itself. Make sure you hold the rod in place while you are turning the set screw. Turn the screw in the same direction that the cable goes into the pulley to tighten the spring. Turn the screw the opposite direction to loosen the spring. Always make sure you adjust both springs to allow for smooth operation.