Choosing the Right Threshold and Molding: Baby Threshold

Pre-finished laminate floors offer a specific molding for a specific purpose. The moldings are color-coordinated with the flooring. Because the laminate floor will expand and contract, the moldings allow room for that expansion. They are not attached to the floor itself, but to the subfloor underneath. The installer will not need to make an exact cut to that piece of the flooring as the molding will cover that area.

Baby Threshold

Baby threshold moldings are used where the floor meets a sliding glass door to provide a transition from floor to the frame of the door. The molding is L-shaped and comes in 78-inch lengths and is 2 and 1/8 inches wide. There are several heights available, depending on the use. Baby threshold can also be used for a seamless transition to carpeting.


The molding is most often installed using Liquid Nails or a similar type of construction adhesive. Run two beads along the bottom and press firmly or tap with a rubber mallet. The trim can be taped down until the glue dries. If nails are to be used, the holes should be pre-drilled so the wood won’t split. The nails are set and wood putty applied to cover the hole.