Choosing Wall Stencils for Designing a Kid's Bedroom

If you are decorating or redecorating your child's bedroom you may find yourself choosing wall stencils for designing the kid's bedroom. This is the type of project you should look forward to and enjoy and allow your creative talents show, and the tastes of the child be expressed.

Stencil Sources

There are many sources for purchasing stencils when you are designing a kid's bedroom. You can find aisles full of stencils at your local nationally known craft supply store or home center. If you do a search online you will also find numerous sites online to purchase stencils in various types including comic book characters, Disney icons, flowers, super heroes and just about anything else you can dream up. You may also find people who are willing to cut custom stencils for your project so it will truly be a one of a kind.

Designing the Room

Designing a kid's bedroom can be so much fun, so take your time and think it through. What does the child like? What is their favorite color? Are you going to do just a design around the center of the room or at the top of the wall, or are you going to go all out and do a complete wall or the whole room, telling a story or part of a story the child loves? Keep in mind you can have coloring book pages transferred to clear plastic pages at large printing stores and these can be used as stencils also. The sky is the limit on your creativity.

Proper Paint

The base coat of paint you use on the wall or walls you are going to stencil is very important. Gloss or semi-gloss is extremely difficult to stencil upon and isn't recommended. A good washable flat or satin paint will be a better base coat. Keep in mind the colors you are going to use in your design when you choose this base coat. If you are putting a dark wall color on, you may want to use a primer on your stenciled area, then stencil over it. This can be time consuming but a necessary step if you want to use a dark wall color. Like any paint job, keep in mind the size of the room and the amount of light it gets to avoid a dark dreary affect.

Style Types

If you're doing a nursery, you may want to consider using very large stencils painted in bright colors to catch the eye of a newborn. What parent can resist the idea of their baby cooing at a large animal peering over the top of the crib from a stenciled wall. For a little girl a light pink room with clouds stenciled on and a castle would make a cute princess room. For boys, find fire engines, their favorite baseball team, race cars, large game boards, super heroes or any other boy-oriented type of stencils. Don't be afraid of large scale stencils as they are easy to use and can also be combined nicely with free hand painting to add unique touches and a custom painted look.

Spelling out the child's name or a favorite passage from a story book is another great stencil design.