Putting Your Riding Lawn Mower Away for the Winter

riding lawn mower near open storage shed

It is important for you to properly prepare your riding lawn mower for storage during the harsh winter months to ensure it will stay in optimum condition. Here's how:

Give your mower a thorough cleaning. Remove all grass clippings and debris. Block the air intake if using a pressure washer and cover the ignition switch to prevent water from entering.

Change the oil filter and oil.

Clean or replace the air filter.

If your lawn mower has a gas filter, replace it.

Drain all gasoline from the tank into an approved container.

Start the mower and run it until all of the gas in the engine is gone. Shut the fuel valve if you mower has one.

Remove and sharpen the blade and then replace it.

Lubricate all grease fittings, axles, bearings and the deck per manual instructions.

Top up the differential level.

Grease all chains.

Remove the battery, clean it well and store it on a wooden bench or table in your garage or workshop.

Be sure the fuel cap vent is closed.

Metal rusts. Coat all metal surfaces with a light film of oil.

Store the lawn mower in your basement, garage, or workshop where it will be protected from inclement weather.

In the spring, charge the battery before you install it. Clean the light coating of oil from metal surfaces. Open the vent on the fuel cap, refill the gasoline tank and you're ready to go.