Christmas Décor Themes

Christmas decor can be a festive and fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Instead of making the decorating a chore and repeating the same tired display as last year, why not mix it up and go with a different style than previously. By decorating the house, the whole family can be reminded of the Christmas Spirit in whatever form your family decides to celebrate.

Winter or Solstice

Choosing to depict Christmas with nature landscapes and the frosty embellishments of faux snow can give a magical feel to the time of year. This theme can create a wonderful festive season of decorating even if the religious aspects of Christmas are not present in your family's traditions. Choosing blues, silver and white as the most prevalent colors and accenting with natural materials can provide a fanciful feel to any holiday season and last clean through till mid January. Popcorn and cranberry garlands, cut paper snowflakes and dried fruit ornaments are great things to do with children to incorporate them into the holiday decorating.

Elves Toy Shop

Focusing on the jovial idea of Santa and his elves working away at the North Pole can bring a lot of fun and anticipation to the holiday for adults and children alike. Use bright fabrics in a wide array of colors and accent with gold. Ornaments, Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, old fashioned toys, and small tools all provide charming accessories to carry this theme through. Paper chains are great kids' activities which can be strung about the house.

Traditional Advent and Nativity

The traditional religious Christmas story can be a classic and elegant way to display the holiday. With rich, deep colors in the jewel tones this theme depicts the religious tale of Christmas with wise men, the bright star, and the manger. Displaying old fashioned advent calendars, creating popcorn and cranberry garlands, and lighting candles are great accents to carry this theme through the house.

Character Christmas

From Winnie the Pooh to the Simpsons and everyone in between, common characters and pop culture references can be used as a fun Christmas theme. Often a great choice for younger children to participate in the season, choosing well-loved characters can make them feel as though they have a place in the holiday decorating. Using the standard Christmas colors of red and green, accenting with decorated Christmas trees, snowmen and brightly wrapped packages all add to the whimsy of this theme.

Joy to the World

This theme focuses more on family and the general idea of peace over the holiday season. Happy holidays, peace be with you, and joy to the world are common sayings depicting this theme. As a non-denominational idea of spirit of the holiday season, the focus becomes that of togetherness and joy amongst those who are loved. With doves, bells, and trees as the major focal objects this theme can be carried in most any color. Silver and gold are great accents and kids' work can help bring them into the season as well.