Cleaning a Frameless Glass Shower Door

If you are thinking about installing frameless glass shower doors to improve the décor of your bathroom, rest assured, it’s a good decision. Keeping frameless glass shower doors clean is a simple process; much easier than keeping framed shower doors clean.



The first thing you should think about when installing and learning to clean the glass shower doors is that prevention is the key to making the frameless glass shower door last a long time. 

Be sure to coat thoroughly with a layer of Transparent Polymer Coating (TPC) surface protector. This will work to fill all the pores of the glass, which will smooth it out and prevent any build-up.


Daily Cleaning

It doesn’t take any effort to keep the frameless glass shower doors clean on a daily basis. Just keep a normal squeegee in the shower and use it before you leave the shower. This is simple yet truly effective in keeping glass door looking new.


Deep Cleaning

Although you shouldn’t have to worry about deep cleaning very often at all if you’ve taken preventative steps, the occasion might still come up. For finger prints or general deep cleaning, use over-the-counter shower cleaner, there are plenty of environmentally friendly cleaners on the market now so you won’t have to use harsh chemicals.