Cleaning A Screen Porch

Keeping a screen porch in good working order throughout the seasons and over the years requires regular cleaning. When maintained properly your porch will remain a sturdy and attractive outdoor retreat from weather and insects.

Cleaning Solution

Use either a bleach and water solution or a commercial cleaning product like 409 or Windex. If you have a particular problem in your area, then use the bleach solution to destroy fungus and molds that might pose a health issue.

Paint Brush

One way to clean the screens is to use a wide paint brush. Carefully take the screens down and then use the brush to scrape dirt and debris away from the screens. As you clean the screens, use the brush to break up any stiff clumps of dirt.

Pressure Wash

Another method is to use a pressure washer from the inside of the screened porch. Remove all furniture and other items from near the screens. Then use the washer to force water through the screens. You can use regular water or a bleach and water solution.

Vacuum Cleaning

Finally, you can also use your vacuum cleaner to pull dust and debris from the porch screens. Carefully use a brush attachment and do not apply overly hard pressure that might stretch the screens.