Cleaning and Maintaining Paint Rollers

Cleaning your paint rollers after you finish using them will save you extra costs in painting by having to buy new paint rollers.

Paint rollers are commonly used when painting an entire room. They can cover a lot of wall quickly and can be attached to extension handles to reach ceilings and high walls. Paint rollers come in many different sizes as well as sleeve coverings depending on the type of texture you would like as the finish on your wall.

Cleaning Your Paint Rollers
Keeping your paint rollers clean means that you always have one available for those small painting projects around the house. Cleaning your paint rollers is a simple process of scraping off the excess paint back into the can with a putty knife and rinsing with warm water. Once you have removed most of the paint, you can add a little dish detergent and start working into a lather. Rinse the roller thoroughly and shake all the excess water off.

Storing Your Paint Rollers

Once the roller has been allowed to air dry, then you should store the roller for the next use. Wrap the paint roller tightly in plastic wrap and close it tightly with a wire tie. Do not store it on its side as it can flatten that side out. Store vertically on its end in a dry area.