Cleaning Berber Carpet with Homemade Solutions

a carpet with a pink paintbrush on it

Understanding how Berber carpets differ from the more traditional pile carpets in many homes will help in your quest to properly clean Berber carpet. Berber carpet refers to the close, tight weave of the carpet, not the material that it is made from. Because of its tight weave, the carpet is able to avoid staining that other carpeting is subject to, though you must take care to remove stains as they occur.

Preventing stains and spills and practicing general maintenance will go a long way to keeping your Berber carpet in pristine condition. Using some simple items, you can creat homemade solutions to help keep your carpet clean and useful for years to come.

Prevent Dirt

The easiest way to keep your Berber carpet clean is to place rugs at all entryways and in high traffic areas. This will trap some of the surface dirt, dust and grime brought into your house. Also, take your shoes off when on the carpet to prevent additional surface dirt from collecting.

Vacuum Regularly

Create a vacuuming schedule, preferably about once per week. The dirt tends to stay on the surface of Berber carpet for a longer period than other carpet because of the tight weave. If you proactively work to keep the surface clean, the need for a deep cleaning will be much less than if you leave the dirt to accumulate and allow it to get forced down into the carpet.

a vacuum cleaning a dirty carpet

Clean Stains Promptly

The easiest way to clean stains on a Berber carpet is to use an absorbent cloth to lift the stain off the carpet. Use water to dilute the stain and lift it up. You should never scrub a stain, as that will only push it down deeper into the carpet. If you have a spill, you can use a spoon to scrape up the mess, making sure not to push any particles down further into the carpet, and vacuum up any remaining particles.

For pet stains, a popular homemade solution is a combination of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and baking soda, followed by thorough rinsing and blotting, or a once over with a home steam cleaner.

Clean the Carpet

Make your own carpet cleaning solution for your Berber carpet using a combination of vinegar, baking soda and water. If you are interested in this, search online for a recipe particularly suited to your Berber carpet’s material. Because Berber carpets can be made from several different materials and dyed with different kinds of inks, you should test a small area with your homemade solution to make sure that you won't destroy or discolor your entire carpet.