Cleaning Burns on a Ceramic Cooktop

A ceramic cooktop.
What You'll Need
Wet towel
Cooktop cleaner
Oven mitts
Soft washcloth

Cleaning burns on a ceramic cooktop is becoming a common problem now that this style of cooktop has become popular. More so than other cooktop materials, ceramic must be treated with care. Because these appliances are fragile, you must follow some specific cleaning tips to rid your cooktop of burns or stains, without causing damage.

Step 1 - Wipe the Spill

As with any other cooking appliance, ceramic cooktops may sometimes be subjected to spills while cooking, which can then get burnt because of the high temperature on the cooking surface. If you spill any high sugar food, tomato-based food, or milk onto the cooktop surface, turn it off, wear your oven mitts, and wipe off as much as you can immediately with a soft washcloth while the surface is still hot. Clean the residue after the surface has cooled a bit. The same is true for any plastic products that may melt on the cooktop. For other spills, you can turn off the cooktop and wait till the surface is cool to the touch.

Step 2 - Scrape Off the Burnt Residue

Apply a small amount of recommended cooktop cleaner on the burnt area. Hold a new razor scraper at a 45-degree angle, and very gently scrape off the burnt residue from the surface of the cooktop. Do not use old razors, as they could scratch the surface. Be very careful and slow, or the razor could scratch the surface. If the burnt food does not come off, let it soften for about ½ hour by placing a wet washcloth on it. After it has softened, try to scrape it out again. Remove any remaining residue by rubbing it gently with a soft washcloth and the cooktop cleaner. Before the next use, make sure the residue has been completely removed from the affected area.

Note: It is very important to use the correct cleaning product, which will not damage your cooktop surface. Fortunately, there are new cleaning products available, which specifically target stains and burns on ceramic cooktops. CeramaBryte is a highly recommended cooktop cleaning brand. Never use scouring pads, chlorine bleach, or products containing ammonia. Oven cleaners are also not meant for use on ceramic cooktop surfaces.

Step 3 - Take Maintenance Steps

Never let a pan burn itself dry on your cooktop. This can cause permanent damage to the pan as well as the cooktop. If any metal pans leave marks on the cooktop, they must be treated immediately with a cooktop cleaner, after the surface has cooled down. Any oily spills can be cleaned with mild soap, and then with cooktop cleaner. Water stains can be effectively treated with vinegar. Always follow up with the cooktop cleaning crème. You must clean spills and burns as soon as possible, before you next use the cooktop. Heating up the cooktop surface will make burns very difficult to remove. Use a good quality cooktop cleaner to wipe the surface after every use.