Cleaning Limestone Countertops: Dos and Don'ts

Cleaning limestone countertops is a task that must be carried out with great care. These materials are sensitive to acidic substances and can stain easily. Limestone countertops are beautiful but expensive, and any stains or damages on the surface can only be repaired at a cost. It is always preferable to avoid damage in the first place by observing the following dos and don’ts.

Recommended Cleaning and Preventative Measures

Always wipe off any spills or dropped food items immediately. Leaving them on the countertop for extended amounts of time will lead to permanent staining and discoloration. Ensuring that the countertop is sealed as per manufacturer recommendations will result in better stain resistance. Wipe the limestone countertop daily to pick up any dirt or small particles that can causes scratches. Use hot pads under utensils to avoid excessive heat or scratching. Use coasters under glasses to prevent ring marks.

    Things to Avoid

    Never allow acidic substances such as lime or vinegar to come in contact with your limestone countertop. These substances can pit or erode the surface of the countertop. Avoid using generic cleaners on limestone surfaces. Only use limestone cleaners recommended by the manufacturer. Never use the countertop for chopping food items. In addition to leaving scratches, it could also cause permanent staining.