Cleaning Mahogany Wood

What You'll Need
Soft cloths
Furniture wax
White vinegar
Extra fine grit sandpaper

Mahogany wood makes some of the most beautiful doors and furniture. It is also used on floors and countertops. Mahogany is one of the more highly priced hardwoods. This is partly because of its unique color aspects. It has an attractive pink hue which changes with age into deep brown tones. Mahogany is also highly resilient and resistant to rot. This makes it a useful material in the boat industry. Given its high price and beauty, you want to ensure you maintain your mahogany pieces in good shape. To clean items, follow the guide below.

Step 1 – To Remove Dust

Use soft cloths to remove dust from your mahogany items. If you dust on a regular basis it will help prevent buildup of dirt and grime. When dust is left to accumulate on the wood, the beautiful color fades and attractiveness diminishes.

Step 2 – Clean with Vinegar

Mix 2 cups of white vinegar with one cup of water. This makes a gentle yet effective cleaning solution for the hardwood. Dip a rag into the solution, then wring to remove excess solution. Use the rag to clean the surfaces of mahogany items. Be careful to wipe in the direction of the wood grain rather than against it. This will help retain the natural grain pattern of the wood.

Step 3 – Wipe with Clean Cloth

Use a clean cloth to wipe all wooden surfaces. Be sure to leave all areas completely dry.

Step 4 – To Stain

You may want to stain doors and other items periodically. This adds to the durability of the objects. It also helps to maintain the natural beauty. First apply one coat of a stain and sealer combination to seal the wood surface. Follow the instructions given on the product for application. Avoid lacquer-based products. It is best to use products with an alkyd-resin base. After application of the first coat, sand the wood with grit sand paper. You can then follow with two coats of a clear finish. Use grit sandpaper after the clear finish.

Step 5 – To Wax

It is a good idea to apply wax onto your hardwood pieces once a month. The protective coat of wax helps to prevent wear and tear. It also helps maintain the natural luster of the wood. Use a soft cloth to rub some wax over all surfaces of the wood. Then wipe over the wood with a dry cloth to create a shine.


  • A weekly clean will prevent buildup of dust. It will help retain the attractiveness of your hardwood items.
  • If you get scratches on your mahogany pieces, treat them with iodine. Use a paintbrush to brush some iodine over the scratches. The iodine causes scratches to become less visible. It also blends well with the natural color of wood.
  • Direct sunlight causes the beautiful mahogany color to fade. Keep items away from intense sunlight to help maintain the appearance.
  • Avoid furniture wax that contains lemon oil. Such products may also contain kerosene, which may spoil the appearance of the mahogany.