Cleaning Shower Door Glass: Hard Water Stain Removal

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Cleaning shower door glass can be difficult, especially if you have resilient hard water stains to remove. However, consider the tips and advice below to efficiently clean your shower door glass in addition to removing those tough water stains.

Clean the Glass Daily

A great way to prevent hard water stains and keep your glass immaculate is to clean it daily. Hard water stains can be very difficult to remove once set onto the glass. By using a squeegee or a paper towel and Windex, you can quickly erase any stains before they settle and keep your glass clean.

Try Rubbing Alcohol

If you notice minor build-up on your glass, try spraying it with some rubbing alcohol and wipe with a damp cloth. Be aware that this method is most effective for stains that have recently accumulated. For major build-ups that have occurred over time, you may want to use a stronger chemical.

Try Fabric Stain Removers

Another method, often over-looked, is to use fabric stain removers, like Shout or Resolve. Pour the liquid onto a damp cloth and scrub lightly over the hard water stains. This method should remove a good amount of the hard water stains and will bring a more pleasant odor to your bathroom.

Try a Green Method

If you prefer a greener method, take a lemon and cut it in half. Next, rub the inside of the lemon over the shower door stain. For doors that need a little extra cleaning, allow the lemon juice to sit on the stains for a few minutes and then wipe away.

Use a Chemical Cleaner

If the above remedies aren't as effective as you'd like, then you can purchase a lime and hard water stain remover. You won't have to spend too much on this item and the instructions are very easy to follow. The cleaner should easily remove the stains although you may need to do a little scrubbing in order completely eliminate the stain.