Cleaning Silk Drapes Without Damaging Them

Rose gold colored silk curtains

Cleaning silk drapes can be a difficult task mostly because the material is so delicate. There are ways to cleaning silk without ruining the material to keep your drapes looking brand new. While dry-cleaning is a recommended way to clean these kind of drapes, it can be expensive, and there are other ways to clean these yourself while making sure to remove water without using a clothes dryer, which can damage them.

Step 1 - Place Drapes in Cool Water

Depending on the size of the drapes you need to either put them in a sink or a bathtub filled with cool water. Allow the water to cover the entire fabric so that it absorbs thoroughly.

Step 2 - Add Detergent

Add a mild detergent or soap in the cool water with the drapes. Let the drapes soak in the soapy water for a few minutes to ensure that the stains have been removed. Lightly rub the fabric together to get the stains out if needed.

Step 3 - Drain and Refill

red silk

When the drapes have been cleaned, drain out all the soapy water in the sink. Once the water is drained, add more cool water to the sink to remove all soap from the fabric.

Step 4 - Add Vinegar

Add vinegar to the water to prevent the fabric from discoloring. Never leave the fabric in the water to soak for a long period of time.

Step 5 - Remove Water

Remove water from sink and remove the fabric. Do not wring out the water in the fabric because this will only damage the delicate material. Instead, place the drapes on a towel and pat dry. This will help remove most of the excess water, so the drapes are not soaking wet.

Step 6 - Hang to Dry

room with two windows and double door covered in silk curtains

Never place these drapes in a dryer because this material will get damaged. Hang these curtains on a clothesline or over your shower curtain rod.

Step 7 - Iron

Iron the curtains on a very low setting and stay away from using steam.

Spot Clean When Needed

If you find that you only have a spot or two on your silk drapes and do not want to wash the entire thing, you may want to consider spot cleaning instead. Gently rub a mild detergent or white vinegar on the spot with cool water. Blot the stain with a cloth to remove soap and to dry. Allow the spot to dry completely and then repeat if necessary.

Cleaning silk drapes can be difficult, but should not be feared. There are other ways to clean this type of fabric besides bringing it to the dry cleaners. Make sure that you always use a mild detergent when cleaning silk and to always let it air dry instead of applying too much heat to it. Iron the fabric when needed on a low heat and spot clean the material when needed.