Cleaning Silk Oriental Rugs: Common Mistakes

A small mistake in cleaning a silk oriental rug can potentially ruin the beauty of the carpet or cost a lot of money to fix. Here are a few tips to keep this from happening to you.


Vacuuming a silk oriental rug is a big and potentially costly mistake. An electric powered vacuum cleaner can cause damage to the delicate fibers in the rug. The beater bar can twist and pull on the knots in the material. If you must use a vacuum on yours try to use only small, hand pushed models. This will help to decrease the amount of damage. You must also be sure to never vacuum the fringe.

Dry Cleaning

Many cleaners advertise the ability to clean all types of rugs. The problem with this is that most cleaners use a chemical process to clean items. The chemicals used in dry cleaning can cause the colors in your silk rug to bleed, the fibers to warp, and can damage the pile on the rug.

Spot Cleaning

Most cleaning solutions will damage your rug, and even water can damage your rug if not used correctly. If you have a spot that needs to be cleaned, mix just a drop of mild detergent (like Dove) and a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray once on a clean cloth, and then dab at the spot. Do not soak the spot or apply any soap or cleaning material directly to the carpet. If this doesn’t work, have the spot evaluated by a professional.

Machine Washing

If you want to ruin your rug completely, go ahead and throw it in a machine. The agitation from a washing machine will damage the silk fibers in the rug. The water can cause more damage. The hand dyed colors will run and bleed through the rug.

If you need to have your silk oriental rug cleaned, find a professional in your area to do it for you.