Cleaning Stains from a Fiberglass Door

What You'll Need
Vinegar or commercial water spot remover

Owning a fiberglass door can offer many advantages, but the door can get dirty like anything else. You may encounter particular difficulty when you try to remove stains from your fiberglass door. However, as with any cleaning problem, you can apply strategies and materials to maximize your effectiveness keep your effort to a minimum. Apply the following tips to clean your fiberglass door of stains.

Step 1 - Set Up Your Cleaning Area

In order to clean your fiberglass door, you will first have to prepare correctly. If you will be working indoors, open all of the doors and windows in the area. Acetone can produce harmful fumes, so you want to have as much fresh air coming into your work area as possible.

Step 2 - Remove Stains with Acetone

Acetone is great for removing oil-based stains. Put a small amount of acetone onto your rag. Do not use very much—using the absolute minimum amount is very important. You can always add more later. Rub the acetone gently on the stain. Check the stain regularly to see if it has disappeared. If it has not, you can continue. You can also use more acetone if necessary.

Once the stain has disappeared, or at least become as faint as it can, stop rubbing acetone on it. Get a new rag and dip it in water. Use it to rinse the acetone off your fiberglass door.

Many products will remove water spots from fiberglass. You can also try vinegar if you want to use something milder. Put some on your clean cloth and wipe at the water spots until they disappear. Then wipe away the vinegar that has been left behind with a damp cloth and dry your door.

Step 3 - Maintain Your Door

The stain on your fiberglass door may be gone, but new stains may form later. You should do your best to prepare for this situation. One way to prevent stains on your fiberglass door is to wash it regularly. The best cleaning agent for a fiberglass door is not an expensive, specialized product, but ordinary dish soap and water.

Get out a bucket. Fill it with water and squirt some dish soap into it. Dip your sponge into the soapy water and use it to apply the mixture to your fiberglass door. You should not have to scrub very hard, provided you clean your door regularly.

Once you have applied the soapy water, rinse out your sponge and go over your fiberglass door one more time. This time you will rinse it off with pure water. When you are done, use a towel or dry cloth to dry your fiberglass door. Cleaning regularly will prevent a lot of problems that result from the buildup of oil, dirt, grease and dust. Left unchecked, they can discolor your door and stain it.