Cleaning the Jets on an In-Ground Spa

What You'll Need
Non Abrasive cleaner
Cleaning the jets on an in-ground spa is very easy if done right. An in-ground spa is basically a small swimming pool, because it uses all of the same chemicals. In-ground spas are similar, but nothing like its hot tub counterpart. The spa needs a little more attention when cleaning, as to not do any unnecessary damage to it. Non abrasive chemicals are best used in an in-ground spa, as to not erode the wall of the spa. Clean ‘n clear is a great product that many people use for their spa as it is safe and works well.

Step 1: Sanitize

A bacterium is a big problem in spas because once it’s filled up, any kind of infection could easily get into an open cut or wound. Making sure which sanitizer is the safest is recommended so there are no unnecessary trips to the hospital.

Step 2: Test PH Levels

When testing your ph levels, try giving attention to the unit every 3 to 6 months, or sooner depending on how often the spa is used. This is recommended to assure that your water is as fresh as possible.

Step 3: Find a Cleaner

Choose a cleaner that meets your needs, whether it’s safe for the environment and yourself, or just works great. Then it's time to get into the spa and start scrubbing. Scrub every inch of the spa to make sure there is no stray dangerous bacteria ready to hurt friends or family. Once you’re done scrubbing, it’s time to start cleaning the jets. You can either take the jets out of the spa, or clean it while they are still in. It is much easier to just take them out and spray them down with the cleaner, and start scrubbing. Check the jets for debris, dirt, or anything else that could alter the flow of the jets. Scrub the jets clean and reinstall them if needed. Keep an eye on the manufacturer’s manual for info on how to reinstall, or take out the jets. While jets aren’t hard to replace, they are expensive, so handle them with care.

Step 4: Washing Leftover Debris

Before putting the jets in, make sure all debris or dirt that came from the jets are washed away with a high-powered hose to prevent it from getting back into the jet and damaging them.

Step 5: Rewashing the Spa

Wash any of the residues from the jets, or any of the chemicals you used to clean the tub, off of the jets. Doing this can clean the drain, as well as knock anything off that may have fallen down into the drain during the cleaning process. Keeping all of these parts are important to keep clean for the life of your spa.