Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling and Spotless Chandelier

What You'll Need
Sturdy ladder
Old towels or newspapers
Window cleaning solution or chandelier cleaning liquid

A chandelier is a beautiful and intricately designed lighting fixture mostly hung in dining and living rooms. A sparkling chandelier looks glamorous at any occasion, but neglect and improper cleaning cause it to blend with the background instead of standing out.

Follow these cleaning tips to make your chandelier sparkle as if it were brand new.  


There are generally two ways to clean a chandelier-wet clean method and dry clean method. You can clean your chandelier using the method you are comfortable with. Generally, the wet clean method is used for an opulently designed chandelier or one placed too high. If you have a fine crystal chandelier, check with a lighting expert or electrician for advise on how to clean it, or use the dry clean method.  

Care Instructions

  • Before you begin, set up an alternative lighting nearby since you will be switching the chandelier off.
  • Make sure you turn the power switch off.
  • Lay old towels under the chandelier to catch any drips, and a thick blanket to catch any falling crystals.
  • Use a sturdy ladder that is tall enough to allow you to reach the top of the chandelier easily.
  • Begin the cleaning procedure only when the bulbs have cooled.  

Dry Clean Method

If you want to dry clean your chandelier you will need two cloths, one for cleaning and the other for polishing. Micro fiber cleaning cloths are generally preferred for this job, since they are lint free and wipe away dirt better than regular cleaning cloths. You should work your way from top to bottom and then inside out.

Spray enough commercial glass cleaner such as Windex or Sprayway to one cloth to make it thoroughly damp. Wipe each piece of glass or crystal with it, and follow the process with the dry cloth to polish each cleaned piece. Replace your cloths when they become dirty.

This process will prevent any liquid from entering the electrical wiring and is safer in the long run, although it is more time consuming.  

Wet Clean Method

Before you begin this method of cleaning, you must make sure you cover all the bulbs with sandwich bags and secure them with rubber bands.

You can either use a commercial chandelier cleaner, window cleaning solution or make your own by mixing some ammonia to distilled water. Distilled water is preferred over tap water since it will not leave any residue on crystals.

Begin spraying the entire fixture with the solution, thoroughly wetting the chandelier from every angle. Avoid wetting any lighting wires, and allow the crystals to drip dry to allow the dirt to slide off. You may have to use a soft cloth to individually polish some crystals if they are too dirty. Wait a day or two before turning your chandelier on again.

This process takes lesser time than the dry clean method, but pay careful attention to the preliminaries to avoid any accidents.