Cleaning Tips for Antique Pavers

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If you have antique pavers, which are those made between 50 and 100 years ago, then you may want to clean them regularly as part of your maintenance routine. Antique pavers need to be treated carefully, so you cannot use the bleaches and other cleaning products which would be acceptable on newer pavers. Cleaning therefore requires more attention and hard work than for more recent pavers.

Use a Water Spray

Start by cleaning off your antique pavers using a spray of water. Use a power washer on a low setting rather than a hose to apply the spray, as the garden hose might provide too much water to each paver, damaging your bricks. Make sure that you remove as much dirt from each paver as possible.

Take off Old Cement

Antique pavers will probably be laid using concrete fills, so you need to remove this in order to clean the tile. Cement will easily break down once it ages, so remove any large pieces of flaked cement, and then use the water spray again to clean the tiles.

Use a Nail Brush

If you need to clean off stubborn dirt from the antique pavers, then you should use a small nail brush to take off the largest lumps. Nail brushes can be bought in the bathroom section of most general stores.