Cleaning Used Brick: 2 Tips

Used brick is a very popular building material for walkways, garden planters, fireplace surrounds and other applications. Used bricks need to be cleaned both before they are installed and periodically as part of regular maintenance.

1. Use Muriatic Acid Solution

One of the most popular methods of cleaning used bricks is to use a 10% muriatic acid and water solution of 1 part acid to 9 parts of water. It is important to use the correct proportions of acid to water so that the bricks are not destroyed in the cleaning process. Wearing protective gloves, mix the solution in a bucket and use an abrasive scrubbing rock or a wire brush to clean the bricks. This process can be used on used bricks before they are installed or for bricks that have already been placed.

2. Use Commercial Cleaning Compounds

An alternative to mixing a muriatic acid solution is to use a commercially available brick cleaning compound. These products are readily available at almost any large home improvement retailer and can be found in the brick or masonry section of the store. Recommended brands include Goldblatt Brick Bath, Sure Klean, and Superior 800.