Cleaning Windows

There aren’t many downsides to the arrival of spring, but one that comes to mind is spring cleaning, and perhaps the worst part of that, is cleaning your windows. Let’s face it, no one likes to clean their windows, but once the job it done, it sure does make your home a brighter more pleasant place to be. Here’s some ideas on how to make cleaning your windows a little easier, so you won’t be looking at streaks and water spots all summer.

Getting ready

  • First gather up all the things you will need to clean your windows. A good quality squeegee will help get your windows sparkling and streak free, just be sure to choose a squeegee with a blade sized so it fits within your smallest window.
  • A bucket or dish pan of warm water, some detergent, and a sponge or old cloth and a chamois will give you the cleaning power you need.
  • An old T-shirt, torn into pieces makes a great cloth and an old towel to protect you floors and dry your woodwork and some old newspaper will complete your window cleaning kit.

Cleaning your windows

  • Try to clean your windows on a cloudy day, rather than a bright, sunny one and work on one window at a time (don’t try to wash them all and then come back to squeegee them) to ensure you don’t end up with any water spots on the glass.
  • Start on the inside before moving on to the outside, since the outside will be dirtier and get your equipment and supplies messy quickly.
  • Lay an old towel down on the floor to catch any drips then use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe any dust off the window sill and frame.
  • Next, use your sponge or cloth to wash the window itself, starting from an upper corner and working your way down the window in long S shaped wipes.
  • Place your squeegee in the top left corner and drag it straight down to bottom of the window, then go back up to the top, move over a little (but overlapping the first path) and run it down again, getting rid of the moisture on the glass. Dry your squeegee off every couple of swipes to ensure you aren’t putting streaks or dirty water back onto your window.
  • Finish cleaning that window by drying off the window frame.
  • Use a crumpled up sheet of newspaper to give your newly cleaned window a final polish, then move onto the next window.

Cleaning outside windows

  • The procedure for cleaning the outside of your windows is virtually the same as for inside windows. However, before you can clean the glass you need to remove and clean the window screens. A hose and a car wash brush will get rid of the accumulated dirt and ensure the next time it rains dirt doesn’t get splashed onto your clean glass.
  • When using your squeegee on the outside of a window, run it in a different direction that you did on the inside. For example, if you used your squeegee vertically on the inside, use it horizontally on the outside. This way if you can see any streaks after you’re finished, you will know whether it’s on the inside or outside.