Cleanly Remove Faux Brick Siding

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-300
What You'll Need
Masonry chisel (with a small tip)
Small masonry hammer
Flat pry bar
Larger masonry chisel (with a tip approximately 3 inches wide)
Wheel barrow
Protective equipment (goggles, face mask, gloves)

Faux brick siding can be a great way to provide the appearance of an exposed brick wall in your home without having to support the weight and cost of real brick. However, whether your faux brick siding is inside or outside of your home, sometimes your renovation and redesign plans call for a change in your walls. In these cases, you may find removing the faux brick siding will provide you with a suitable appearance for the space. Fortunately, removing faux brick siding is easier than removing a real brick wall.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

Removing faux brick siding can be a dusty and messy job. It's important to prepare the area and yourself properly so you don't suffer any damage or injury because of your work. Lay out a tarp below the area in which you'll be working. This will help to catch any dust or debris that falls. Wear goggles, a face mask, and protective gloves to help ensure you're not injured by flying chips or debris and you don't inhale any dust.

Step 2 - Remove the Mortar

Begin at one corner of the wall. Use the small masonry chisel and the masonry hammer to begin to chip away at the mortar holding the tile in place. Even though your faux brick siding is not made of real bricks, it will likely contain grout or mortar in the joints in between the brick faces.

Step 3 - Remove the First Brick Panel

faux brick wall

Depending upon how many brick faces are attached in one brick tile on your faux brick siding, you may need to either continue by chipping away at the surrounding mortar or by using the pry bar. If it's easier to split up the brick faces in the faux brick siding, you can do this by using the larger masonry chisel. Continue until you're able to remove the first chunk of brick from the wall.

Step 4 - Continue to Remove Panels

Work outward from the initial panel or section of the brick face you remove. Continue by using the larger masonry chisel, and work to get underneath the brick paneling as much as possible. Use the pry bar to help remove the brick as needed.

As you remove the panels, make sure to dispose of them in the wheelbarrow. Collect all of the panels and mortar pieces in an appropriate place when the wheelbarrow is full, and ensure you transfer them safely and properly to a debris or waste center in your area. When you're finished, clean up the tarp and dump the contents of the tarp into the wheelbarrow as well. You may also need to vacuum up the area in order to clean up smaller pieces of debris and dust.