How to Clear a Clogged Toilet

The method you use to clear a clogged toilet will depend on the extent of the level of clogging. Whatever you do, do not flush a clogged toilet or the contents of the bowl will overflow onto your bathroom floor.

Step 1 – Select the Right Kind of Plunger
There are two types of plungers – a cup plunger and a flange plunger. The cup type is suitable for creating suction against a flat surface, like the bottom of a sink or a bath. However, to clear a clogged toilet you will need a flange plunger, which is suitable for the clogged toilet bowl’s curved surface. The flange plunger has a different shaped end and will create a seal around the clogged toilet’s outlet.

Step 2 - Avoid Splashing, and Plunge!
Gently push the flange plunge onto the drainage outlet of the clogged toilet. Do this slowly, to allow the air to escape from the plunger. Once the plunger has made a seal, plunge up and down quickly to unclog the pipe.

Step 3 – Test the Clogged Toilet for Drainage
The easiest way to do this is to pour a small amount of water down the clogged toilet from a bucket. If the water is draining away, you have solved the problem. If you do not have a bucket to hand, you could open the tank and carefully raise the toilet flapper a little. Be careful that you do not raise it all the way, however, in case you flush the clogged toilet and end up with a worse problem. If the water begins to drain away, you toilet is unclogged.

Step 4 – Still Got a Clogged Toilet? Reach for the Auger
The toilet auger (otherwise known as a closet auger) is a long bendy device with a firm end that can break through or retrieve the blockage that has caused your clogged toilet. The auger’s crank handle enables the user to control how deep into the pipe the end is sent.

Before you begin to use this device, study the direction the toilet drains to. If the toilet drains backwards, you will need to bend the wire body of the auger in a backwards direction before you apply it to the clogged toilet. Be gentle when using this tool. Excessive force could break the toilet and cause mess and expense.

You will probably feel the auger break through the obstruction. Gently remove the tool and plunge again to clear the clogged toilet. It should then be safe to flush.