Clever Ways to Secure Your Windows

A window with a shadow of a man on it.

I'm blessed to live in a great neighborhood. There hasn’t ever been, to my knowledge, a break-in or security problems; it's mostly rowdy old folks who bicker politely over yard fences and teenagers who occasionally smash pumpkins on Halloween. However, one can never be too safe, especially when it comes to protecting your home. This article will discuss some clever ways to help secure your egress windows from potential dangers. They may seem funny, but just might be crazy enough to work.


A prickly pear plant with red fruit on it.

Thorny Plants

When securing the outside of a home, it's common to think of guard dogs, a chain-link fence, or even large iron bars overs windows to prevent entry. Our first clever window security measure, however, involves none of those things. Experts claim that the simple task of putting a large bush with pickers on it beneath a window is enough to deter criminals from attempting to climb through it. Though it seems funny, thorns are nature’s barbed wire, so it makes sense for them to frighten and rebuff potential danger.

Window Reflection

I recently read an article that claimed hiding valuables from plain sight of a home's exterior is wise if window security is a concern. This tip takes the idea a step further. Smart homeowners can actually place reflective details on their windows, making outsiders unable to see through them. This can be accomplished in multiple ways, including spray form or roll-on paper. When in place, an outsider will only see their own reflection when peering through a window. As people are less likely to break and enter if they are not able to physically see what they are entering, this inexpensive idea can save you in the long run.

Grease it Up

If you're afraid of someone climbing into your window, here is a funny and devious tip for you. There are products in the form of paint and sprays sold online that act as permanent lubricants. Yes, in the style of the beloved holiday film “Home Alone,” you can actually make surfaces on and surrounding windows too slippery to pass through. It seems silly, but if a bad guy can't latch onto a surface to pull himself through, you and your home are safe.


A houseplant with a window in the background


In a similar style to the thorny plant idea mentioned above, some experts also recommend buying large houseplants and placing them in front of windows from the inside. There are two reasons this works to help secure a home. First, if the plant is big enough, it will be in the way, physically preventing entry. Second, big plants need big pots, which may be nearly impossible and noisy to move.

Second Window Lock

Most windows are constructed similarly, which is especially true in communities where every house on the block was constructed during the same era. This offers an advantage to those with bad intentions. If your windows have the traditional single lock on the top or side of the inside panel, it's very simple to add a second or third if needed, throwing ne'er-do-wells off their game and making the window nearly impossible to penetrate.

Trigger Alarms

In addition to supplemental locks placed on windows, hardware stores also have trigger alarms that can be installed in a similar way. When utilized, if a window were to be opened it would blare a high-pitched piercing sound, similar to that of a blow horn. Not only would it awaken anyone within a mile radius, but it would also most likely scare the burglar and make him abandon his quest.