Clogged Toilets: Prevention Methods

Clogged toilets are a normal phenomenon in every household. No matter how hard one tries it is difficult to escape from the clutches of clogged toilets. Cleaning clogged toilets is a pain and leaves one exhausted and tired. After all, who wants to clean dirty toilets after a hard long day at work? If you too have experienced something similar to this, it is time you switch to the prevention mode.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. It is time that you exercise this proverb in real life. Does that mean you need to run to the nearest plumber and pay him a bomb to fix your toilet? Absolutely not, by following the steps listed below one can install preventive methods for clogged toilets all by themselves.

Tip 1: Buy a Garbage Bin for the Toilet

The first step to ensure your toilet is prevented from getting clogged is to buy a garbage bin or can and keep it in your toilet. This step would ensure that you are not tempted to flush down used toilet paper and clog the toilet. Make it a habit to throw all used paper in the bin. Put a garbage bag in the bin to ensure that all the dirt and grime gets accumulated in the bag alone and does not spill out. These bags are easy to use and have handles that can be used to carry it out.

Tip 2: Flushing Effectively

Ensure that you flush twice whenever you are clearing a bowel movement. It is advisable that you flush once during the middle and once at the end. This will help to prevent your toilet from being clogged due to a large flush.

Tip 3: Installing Flush Cleaners

Install flush cleaners. These are easily available in the market and can be installed with ease. All that one needs to do is to place them in the cistern. These flush cleaners ensure that your toilet gets cleaned each time you flush. Needless to say, clean toilets help in keeping the toilet unclogged. Moreover, not only will your toilet be unclogged but also spic and span.

Tip 4: Using Drain Cleaners

Use a drain cleaner to unclog drains. Often hair and soap particles clog the drain entrance and result in water getting clogged. The best way to prevent such nasty scenarios is to use a drain cleaner every alternate day. These cleaners mainly come in two forms. One is in the form of a handle with a cup affixed at the end. These cups act like vacuum to suck up all the dirt accumulated in the drainage pipe. The other is like an acid mixture that needs to be poured in the drainage pipe. The acid works on the pipe and helps to unclog all accumulated dirt.

The best way to prevent your toilet from getting clogged is to make the above steps a part of your daily lifestyle.