Closet Accessories: Building a Belt Rack

Including a belt rack in your closet will keep your belts organized and make them much easier to find when you are getting ready in the morning. Belts are commonly difficult to store in a standard closet because they need to be hung up for you to see them and decide which one to wear on a given day. A belt rack is a simple DIY project that can be adapted to fit with many closet sizes, and all you need are some basic tools, materials and carpentry know-how.

What You Will Need:

  • Power drill
  • Drill bit
  • Cup hooks
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 2-inch diameter dowel (optional)
  • Wire
  • Screws  
  • Sturdy wood hanger
  • Wire cutter

Step 1 -- Drill Hanger Holes

Use a drill bit that is close in size to the cup hooks and make 4 to 6 holes about 2 inches apart on the bottom of your wood hanger. Drilling small holes for the cup hooks will prevent them from cracking the wood if you try to screw them in by hand. Instead of using a wood hanger, you have the option of using a wood dowel for this project if this fits better with the rest of the storage space in your closet. Use a small saw to cut a length of dowel so it measures the same as the width of the back of your closet door. Make sure you use a wood dowel thick enough to accommodate the cup hooks; it should be 2 inches in diameter or larger.

Step 2 -- Paint the Wood Hanger

Apply acrylic paint in the color of your choice. You can also use a fine paintbrush to add your own small designs to the wood hanger. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before proceeding with the screw hooks. You can also skip this step and leave your wood hanger unpainted if you prefer. Apply these instructions to the wood dowel if you are using this alternative.

Step 3 -- Add Screw Hooks

For both the wood hanger and wood dowel, screw in your cup hooks to the predrilled holes. Be sure you have enough to accommodate the number of belts you have. Also check that you have enough space in between every two drilled holes to fit a belt. It is a good idea to leave some space at either end of the wood hanger bottom to add more cup hooks for new belts you may get in the future.

With the wood dowel option, loop a piece of wire about 1 inch from each end of the dowel. Tie the wire securely; it may help to use needle-nosed pliers for this. Use a length of wire long enough that your belt rack will hang down from the top of the closet door at a height that will be comfortable for you to reach. Secure the other ends of the wire loops to the top of the closet door with screws.

Step 4 -- Hang the Belt Rack

You can hang your new belt rack to the back of your closet door on either the inside or the outside, whichever is more convenient. Alternately, you can hang the wood hanger from a nail or hook on the wall of your bedroom if you prefer.