Closet Door Options: Bifold or Sliding?

It is a good idea to know your closet door options before making a purchase. Which one is better: bifold or sliding doors? Keep in mind each design's advantages and disadvantages when deciding which closet doors will work best in your home.

Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold closet doors are easy to install and allow full access into the closet opening. This design is ideal for closets with small openings. Large closet openings make it somewhat impractical for bifold doors. If hung and adjusted correctly, a light coat of lubricant on the rollers and tracks will keep them opening and closing smoothly. Everyday wear and tear or a shift in your home's foundation can damage the tracks or throw off the doors. If this happens, opening and closing the doors will be difficult and you will need to repair the doors and tracks. 

Sliding Closet Doors

This type of closet door works best in closets with wide openings, such as across one whole wall of a bedroom. When initially installed, these doors slide smoothly and easily past each other allowing access to half of the closet opening. Because they are used for larger openings, the doors tend to be large and heavy so that any damage to the top track will either stop the door from sliding or derail it off the track.

Both types of closet door options work well enough initially, but are prone to problems during normal use. In choosing between bifold and sliding closet doors, the main factor to consider is the size of your closet opening.