Closet Door Repair versus Replacement - What to Choose

white sliding closet doors

Closet door repairs generally aren’t difficult. Many times it’s more cost effective to repair the door rather than replace the whole thing. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

1. Hardware

Often times a door needs nothing more than new hardware to make it function properly again. If the door is a sliding door, check the rollers on the track. Replacing a roller is simple and generally inexpensive.

If the door is a standard swinging door, take a look at the hinges. Hinges are much cheaper to replace than the entire door, and most problems with the door can be caused by hinges that need to be adjusted or repaired.

2. Panels

closet converted into desk space

If you have a bi-fold door you may just need to replace one panel rather than the entire unit. If the panel has cracked, it can be easily replaced. If you need to fix a door that sticks in the track, it can also be done without much effort.

3. Glass

If you have a closet door with a glass panel, you may be able to replace the glass panel yourself. Check the back of the door first. Some glass panel doors will have the glass hanging in the door similar to a photo in a picture frame. If this is the case, you just need to have a new piece of glass cut and you can replace this on your own. If the glass panel is inlaid, then you may have to replace the entire door.