Closet Doors: Hanging and Maintenance

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Installing closet doors is easy. But before you start, it is a good idea to decide what will best suit your needs. Here are some important points that you should keep in mind while replacing closet doors.

Swinging Closet Doors

These are traditional doors that hang on hinges. Swinging closet doors are better suited for walk-in closets but can be used for other closets as well. Depending upon the size of the closet you can choose a single closet door unit or opt for a pair of French doors that lead into your closet.

Installing Swinging Closet Doors

Remove the existing doors.

To install swinging closet doors make sure that the set of doors fit the closet opening. If the exact size is not available then get the next available size and plane or cut to size.

Make sure that you allow extra room to adjust and plumb the door before you tighten the hinge screws.


Swinging doors are sturdy and require little maintenance apart from caring for the wood or whatever material they are made of.

Sliding Closet Doors

These are preferred because they do not take up floor and wall space. Dual sliding closet doors have a minus point because when you slide open one side, the other remains closed, which limits your access. Sliding doors are a better option if they slide into a wall.

Installing Sliding Closet Doors

To install sliding doors, remove the upper bracket of the existing closet doors.

Screw-in the upper bracket first.

Mark the position of the lower bracket on the doorjamb.

Lightly screw the lower bracket.

Hang the back door first and then carefully slide in the front door.

Tighten the lower bracket screws in place.


Regularly check the tracks and rollers for firmness and damage, if any. Lubricate with light oil if required.

Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold doors allow total access to closet space and a better option than swinging or sliding doors. You can choose one set of bifold closet doors for small closets. The folds are too small to hang a full-length mirror but creative decorations can dress the door up.

Installing Bifold Closet Doors

Install the track along the top of the closet opening.

Use a plumb bob to mark the pivot points at the bottom of the door frame.

Attach the bottom track.

Insert the bottom and top pins in relevant tracks.

Align the floor brackets and attach them to the doorframe.

Adjust the pivot points at the top with a screwdriver.


Like swinging doors, bifold closet doors are low-maintenance doors and operate silently. Check the folds regularly as the hinges tend to get loose if handled roughly.

Regardless of the type of closet doors you are installing, drill holes for the doorknobs at three feet height from the floor.