Closet Organization: Maximize a Small Space

neatly organized closet
  • 3-20 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-2,000

Closet organization is one of the better ways of making the most of available space. Regardless of whether it is a bedroom or bathroom or a walk-in closet, proper closet organization is an inexpensive and functional mode of maximizing a small space.

If your closet is cluttered you are not only losing out on available space you are also always losing your clothing and other items of daily use. Add to that the hours you spend ironing. Take some time off and learn something about closet organization.

1. Different Organizer Types for Different Needs

neatly organized closet

Closet organizers are available for different closet storage needs. They are useful to avoid clutter and keep your stuff organized so you do not have to run around looking for things you need. There are closet organization systems for virtually every need.

Closet organization is about assessing the amount of available space, determining your needs, and then finding the right closet organizer. By choosing a correct closet organization system you will never have to choose between hanging your clothing or putting it in a drawer.

When trying to get out of a clutter situation, first decide the type of closet organization system that your closet can accommodate. Clean the closet first and put all the stuff in three piles: stuff that you do not need, things that you would like to give away to charity, and things that will stay in the closet.

Assess your requirements and then look for a closet organization system that will accommodate what you want to stay in the closet. Depending upon the size of the closet you will have to choose a walk-in or a reach in system. Most closet organization systems are adjustable to facilitate easy installation.

Since bedroom closets are in constant use they are the most difficult to control. Closet organization for bedroom closets involves smaller hanger designs, vertical storage, hanging racks and strategically placed small bins for knick-knacks.

2. Secrets to Closet Organization

row of hanging clothes

Besides closet organizers, closet organization has another aspect as well. Organize your clothing according to use and hang them according to length. Hang shorter clothes on one side and you will find that you have adequate space below to accommodate a small dresser or your laundry basket.

Choose some shelving or a small dresser for items that you cannot hang. You may also want to get some inexpensive closet organization accessories like shoe racks.

Most closet organizers are often kits consisting of shelves, racks, and bins that fit together. You can also get a combination of accessories to fit your personal preferences. The basic idea remains the same: that of making the most of available space and keeping your things organized.