Closet Organizer for Jewelry: How to Build Your Own

If you are a woman who happens to love collecting jewelry, you may want to optimize space by organizing your jewelry in your closet organizer. A good jewelry storage system is designed so you can readily find at retrieve pieces easily if you are going to wear anyone of them. On the other hand, there are different types of closet organizer that you can make but in order to maximize the space of your closet, you can build a vertical closet organizer that you can just hang on your closet door.

 Materials Needed:

  • 1 yard of cloth (preferably with a design of your choice)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Stick of super glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing machine
  • Pencil marker
  • Pins
  • Coat hanger

Step 1 - Create the Base of the Organizer

Create the base of the organizer by cutting the cloth in a rectangular shape. When it comes to the fabric that you are going to use, make sure that you buy a sturdy fabric of your own choice. However, make sure that the cloth is smaller than your closet door where you are going to hang it. Using a pair of scissors, cut several strips of cloth to make pockets where the jewelry will be stored later. Make sure that the measurements of the pockets are precisely the same thus to make this task easy, use the tape measure.

Step 2 - Lay out the Pockets to the Base of the Closet Organizer

After cutting out the strips for the pockets, lay it out to the rectangular cloth which you have cut out earlier. To help you with this task, use pins or a molten stick of glue to adhere the strips temporarily to the organizer. Make sure that when you use the glue, apply a little amount only at the edges of the fabric.

Step 3 - Sew the Pockets to the Fabric Base

Once the strips are already in place, sew the pockets to the fabric base but make sure that you leave the top portion since this will serve as the opening of the pocket. On the other hand, you can also create more pockets if you make dividers on the strips by sewing thread to it.  

Step 4 - Sew the Closet Organizer to a Coat Hanger

Now choose a fancy coat hanger and sew the closet organizer to the coat hanger. This will allow you to hang the closet organizer to your closet door. If you do not want to use coat hanger, you can use a piece of wood to frame your closet organizer to your closet door properly. Your imagination is your limit on how you will hang the closet organizer to your closet door.