Time to Close the Pool

It's important to prepare your pool for cold weather. Simply draining and covering the pool won't guarantee that it will be ready when you are. Here are some tips that can help ensure a successful opening:

  • Avoid closing until water is a temperature of 65°F or below.
  • Use a computerized water analysis to conduct a final testing of your pool water.
  • After vacuuming and brushing the walls of your pool, clean the skimmer basket and lint trap.
  • Use a special filter cleaner. Uncleaned filters will develop build up, making it even harder to clean in the spring.
  • With your pump running, add Winter Shock around the pool edges, keeping the pump and filter on for one hour. Next add an appropriate amount of winter algaecide.
  • Follow your builder's recommendations for draining the pool.
  • Use special pool winterizing anti-freeze for pipes and equipment. Stay away from automotive anti-freeze, because it could damage your pool.
  • Lastly, cover your pool to protect it from the weather.
Courtesy of NAPSnet.